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E3 San Diego is now offering in-person and virtual employee trainings about human trafficking. Click the “Join Us” button to learn more.


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Every business, every industry, every size can help. Join E3 Alliance to bring prevention education to your workforce.



Learn more about how you can join the fight against trafficking.

Learn more about human trafficking related issues addressed in the media.

If you’ve experienced sexual exploitation, you have options. Learn more about how local organizations can support victims and survivors of sex trafficking.

We know the safety of your children is your number-one priority, but talking to your kids about difficult subjects can be challenging. Learn more about resources to protect children and help facilitate difficult conversations.

If you or someone you know has purchased sex, there are resources that are anonymous and judgement-free.

If you or someone you know has facilitated sexual exploitation, and is ready to exit the life, there are resources to offer support.

Boys Documentary

Advocacy Resources, News, Legislation, Research, Parent Resources

Sex trafficking is a worldwide epidemic, a tragedy that affects women, men and children. Men and boys throughout the United States are trapped in modern-day slavery and…

Freedom Forward

Advocacy Resources, Parent Resources

Our activities help kids develop their awareness, identify support systems, and learn to take action on behalf of themselves and others. We believe that opening this communication…

The Center San Diego

Advocacy Resources, Victim Resources, Parent Resources

Mission: The San Diego LGBT Community Center enhances and sustains the health & well-being of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transgender, nonbinary, immigrant, and HIV communities to the betterment…

WWE: Now & Next Speaker Series Online

Advocacy Resources, News, Legislation, Research, Victim Resources, Parent Resources, Buyer Resources, Trafficker Resources

The Now & Next Speakers Series is a webinar program that supports our collective commitment to creating a world where no person is bought, sold or exploited….

Sisters Rising Movie

Advocacy Resources, News, Legislation, Research, Victim Resources

SISTERS RISING follows six women who refuse to let this pattern of violence continue in the shadows. Their stories shine an unflinching light on righting injustice on…

Human Trafficking and Technology

Advocacy Resources, News, Legislation, Research

Jessica Whitney, MSI, Lou Seitchik, and Kanani Titchen, MD discuss the intersection of human trafficking and technology, including social media, the Dark Web, and cryptocurrency.

Prevalence of Multiple Forms of Sexting Behavior Among Youth

Advocacy Resources, News, Legislation, Research

A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis- Among 39 studies (with 110 380 participants) in this meta-analysis, the mean prevalences for sending and receiving sexts were 14.8% and 27.4%, respectively,…

Health Subcommittee YouTube Channel

Advocacy Resources, News, Legislation, Research

Health Subcommittee, San Diego Human Trafficking & CSEC Advisory Council

Hands On San Diego

Advocacy Resources

We engage individuals as well as small and large groups by connecting them with local nonprofit organizations where they can donate their time and talent for a…

Asian Pacific Institute on Gender Based Violence

Advocacy Resources, Victim Resources

Survivors of domestic violence whose 2020 stimulus payments were taken by an abusive spouse or ex-spouse may now be able to receive Rebate Recovery Credit if they…

Promise 2 Kids

Advocacy Resources, Victim Resources, Parent Resources

Promises2Kids is a leading nonprofit organization originally founded over 35 years ago as the Child Abuse Prevention Foundation of San Diego County. Since 1981, Promises2Kids has responded…

Just in Time For Foster Youth

Advocacy Resources, Victim Resources, Parent Resources

Just in Time for Foster Youth envisions a future in which every youth leaving the foster care system has access to a Community of caring adults after…

Join the fight to end sexual exploitation.

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