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E3 San Diego is now offering in-person and virtual employee trainings about human trafficking. Click the “Join Us” button to learn more.


E3: Employers

E3 Alliance: Employers Ending
Exploitation is a coalition of San Diego
businesses stepping up to join the fight
to end sex trafficking of our children,
women and men.




Be a part of the solution.

Traffickers and sex buyers utilize current business infrastructure to facilitate the illegal sale of humans. Every industry, every size, every person is invited to be a part of the solution.

Join leaders who have chosen to take a stand and take action.

The 2021 E3 Partner Commitment


  1. Sex trafficking exists in San Diego today, and businesses can help
  2. The importance of ensuring our company policies and practices align with our commitment to those we employ and those we do business with
  3. In order to make change, we must take action

Pledge to

  1. Educate our workforce about sex trafficking
  2. Establish protocols to report red flags of sex trafficking
  3. Enact zero-tolerance policies around sex trafficking

Have the Power to

  1. Enhance awareness and safety for our workforce, their families and the community
  2. Disrupt the demand for commercial sexual exploitation
  3. Increase support and elevate the efforts of the local anti-trafficking movement
  4. Reduce harm, restore dignity and create opportunities for survivors of sex trafficking

Become a partner

By educating the San Diego workforce how to identify and report indications of sex trafficking, we can create a safer city where those being exploited are no longer invisible.

Fill out the form below to learn about the extent of sex trafficking in our community and how to become part of the solution.


Our Partners

We are so thankful for our founding partners who believed in E3 from the start.

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Special thanks for the generosity of Southwest Airlines in support of E3!