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E3 San Diego is now offering in-person and virtual employee trainings about human trafficking. Click the “Join Us” button to learn more.



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The Mission

E3 Alliance: Leverage the collective power of the San Diego business sector to eradicate sex trafficking.


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Special thanks for the generosity of Southwest Airlines in support of E3!



San Diego has
a problem.

Every year, thousands of people are sold for sex in our city. It’s called sex trafficking, and it’s happening now.

Research estimates sex trafficking is an $810 million business in San Diego, which ranks among the FBI’s top 13 cities for high intensity prostitution of children. Recruitment is happening online via social media as well as through local middle and high schools across San Diego county, in fact, the average age of recruitment is just 16.

San Diego is home to vulnerable populations and our children are at risk.


We need your help.

Government leaders, law enforcement and non-profit organizations are hard at work.

Eradicating sex trafficking requires a multi-sector response. With the support of the San Diego workforce, we have the power to make a measurable change.

We’ve saved your businesses a seat at the table.




E3 makes it easy.

By becoming a Business Partner of E3, you will be guided step-by-step through a full suite of tools and resources to educate your entire workforce about the truths of sex trafficking and how to identify and report it.

Membership in E3 will increase safety for employees & consumers, and will decrease legal, financial and reputational risk.

Protect the vulnerable as you protect your business.

E3 Certification is just a few steps away.

1. Fill out the form below

Start the process by clicking Get Started now.

2. Meet Your E3 Representative

You will be contacted to complete a brief company assessment.

3. Implementation

Implement a step-by-step plan that meets your company’s needs.

4. Certification

Receive E3 Certification upon completion.

Join the fight to end sexual exploitation.

By becoming a Business Partner of E3 Alliance, you’ll join other leaders who have made the commitment to protect vulnerable populations through improved company practices.

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